Bringing the greenery into every space

At The Greenery we believe that landscaping is an expression of a space, rather than just simply planting seedlings and growing them to blossom. The design of the outdoor space is done according to a client’s lifestyle and the architecture of your home or workplace. We work with you to create spaces that offer relaxation for you, your family and your friends.


Hi, I’m Dinah, owner and founder of The Greenery. Welcome to my very own piece of paradise.


My love for gardening started when I was just a girl and my mother built me my very own secret garden. I have been gardening ever since. No matter where I lived, I always managed to grow myself a garden, even on my apartment balconies. I now have a true passion for gardening; once the seed had been sown the love never died.


I have experience in gardening in estates with indigenous plants and streams; their dramatic colours, spikey, formal and water-wise designs bring the birds, bees and butterflies into your area. I however have an English garden with softer colours, old-fashioned plants and memories of yesterday – made more modern with the perfect combination of some indigenous plants and additions of formal paving, structures and designs. If you plant the two together you can be water-wise and able to pick your own flowers you have nurtured, almost all year round. Our gardens thrive because we expend effort on them; getting our hands dirty and heads in the sun to nurture our garden, not only feeds the plants, but our souls too.