Our Services

The Greenery takes on gardens from scratch or helps you to transform your current garden into the one you've always imagined, without breaking the bank. The Greenery bring their own helping hands and equipment.


With every Greenery space, an initial consultation is done for free, thereafter we charge R450 per consultation and a quote will be drawn up according to the design and service required. Your outdoor space should become integrated into your daily life, a place where you unwind and relax, thus careful attention to detail is paid to how the space will be used.


All these things do add up, thus the cost of your landscaping and garden design will hinge on the extent of your ambitions. We know you can’t put a price on love and care, but please take into account that at The Greenery we believe that your plants deserve the best care there is. And for this reason, we source the best compost and plant food ensuring your seedlings blossom to their full potential. 

revamp pots
and plants

With the right pair of hands, equipment and soil rejuvenation we can help fix and revamp pots and planters. Pots and planters help enhance any area, they can provide you with a herb garden or even some organic vegetables for your family to pick and enjoy.



Landscaping, we believe, is the art of organizing and enriching your outdoor space with plants, structures, sculptures or even ponds for aesthetic and practical purposes. Our landscaping service extend from small homes to corporate office outdoor spaces. The Greenery designs and plants new gardens, or renovates ready existing spaces.

paving and planting

As much as we enjoy working the soil and on the grass, we appreciate there are other ways you can plan your garden using rocks, paving and even water features to give the space structure and add mystery and interest. Whatever your needs, we are confident, together with you, we are able to create a space you will love and enjoy looking at and living in.

garden designs

The Greenery specialises in English, Herb and Indigenous garden designs. Each design is done so that it is easy to maintain and easy to enjoy.

garden tips
and tricks

If you’re happy with your garden and are just looking for some new ideas and inspiration to rejuvenate your space see what you can achieve on your own, or with help, then give us a call for a consultation on some tricks of the trade or designs to modernise and upgrade your space.